March 8

How the NSW republican politicians marked the Royal Visit

Meanwhile in the NSW Legislative Council, the government arranged that the bill to remove the requirement that our politicians swear allegiance to their sovereign,  be rushed through all states on the night of Tuesday, 7 March 2006

 The Bill is ostensibly a private members bill. It is hardly that. The government lacked the courage to declare it its own, even trying to ensure the minimum of media attention to the debate.

Obviously intended to precede the Royal Visit, and unable to deliver a republic, the tactic was an infantile attempt at an insult to their Sovereign.   Mr. John Paul, the political scientist predicted before the referendum that they would be incapable of magnanimity in victory, but utterly sulphurous  in defeat

The majority of republican politicians is obviously not prepared to respect the people’s decision, and will be most unlikely to let the people vote on this

 The Reverend Fred Nile’s valiant attempt to require that both the new “pledge of loyalty to the people” and the Oath be required was defeated.

The third reading was passed 21:14.

The votes cast were:


Mr Breen
Ms Burnswoods
Mr Catanzariti
Dr Chesterfield-Evans
Mr Cohen
Mr Della Bosca
Mr Donnelly
Ms Griffin Ms Hale
Mr Hatzistergos
Mr Kelly
Mr Macdonald
Mr Obeid
Ms Rhiannon
Ms Robertson
Mr Roozendaal Ms Sharpe
Mr Tsang
Dr Wong


Mr Clarke
Ms Cusack
Miss Gardiner
Mr Gay
Mr Jenkins Mr Lynn
Reverend Nile
Ms Parker
Mrs Pavey
Mr Pearce Mr Ryan
Mr Tingle



Mr Primrose

Mr West


Mr Colless

Mr Harwin


Mr Costa Mr Gallacher
Ms Fazio Mrs Forsythe


(See Hansard:


Oath of Allegiance

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