October 27



Danna Vale MP, Liberal candidate had made the following declaration:


I, Danna Vale MP declare that, if elected:

 Statement 1.    I will support the role of the Australian Crown in the Australian Constitutional system.

  Statement 2.    I will support the retention of the Australian National Flag.  

Statement 3.    I do not believe there are significant aspects of the Australian constitutional system which should be changed

 Statement 4.    I will strongly oppose any bill designed to undermine the right of the Australian people to be consulted in a referendum before any change is made to the Australian Constitution. 

 Statement 5.    I will oppose any change to the Australian National Flag being effected other than following a popular vote in accordance with the provisions of section 3(2) of the Flag Act, 1953, as in force on 1 September 2007.  

Statement 6.    In the event of proposed changes to the Constitution or to the Flag being referred to a vote by the people, I will publicly insist on and vote for the adequate funding of both the yes and no cases. . 


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