July 5

I am a subject of The Queen and I want my day in court

This is a story of a nightmare train journey and a man who won't give up on his fight for justice, reported on the ABC's 730 programme on 4 July 2012.

It illustrates how central the Crown is, and how it is seen to be beyond politics in the minds of Australians.


Michael Aravopoulos was simply trying to get home when he was set upon by six ticket inspectors. He claims they dragged him onto a train platform in Melbourne and bashed him and witnesses back that story.

7.30 has broadcast obtained graphic footage of the incident supporting Mr Aravopolous's claims.

He has been offered a lot of cash to settle the case, but as Guy Stayner reports, it's not money that Michael Aravopolous is after.

" I am a subject of The Queen.," he says " I have constitutional rights. I shall have my day in court."


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