May 21

“I’d rather not, Mrs Blair.”


One of the fascinating moments in the film The Queen, reviewed here on 28 January 2007, was when Mrs Blair was shown executing the most reluctant curtsey ever seen.

 Whether apocryphal or not, it seemed to contrast – in the film at least – with Mr. Blair’s strong support of The Queen and the monarchy. 

In her recently released biography, “Speaking for myself,” there is apparently little to suggest that Mrs. Blair is opposed to the monarchy.

There are apparently some surprising personal revelations , some of which are noted by Peter Wilson in Cherie Blair inflated Aussie charity take,  The Australian, 16 May 2008.

According to Mr Wilson, the greatest affection and praise for an Australian politician in the book is reserved for a close friend of the Mr and Mrs Blair, the former West Australian premier Dr Geoff Gallop.

 Mrs Blair credits Dr Gallop, a prominent republican, with interesting Tony Blair in a political career.

 The report says that Dr Gallop had been in the International Marxist group "and it was Geoff who had introduced Tony to left-wing politics.”

The biography recalls a story in “The Blair Years – Extracts from the Alistair Campbell Diaries”, published in 2007 (London Daily Telegraph of 9 June,2007).

In it Alistair Campbell says that while Mr Blair was discreet about his meetings with members of the Royal Family, his wife was less so.

He says that when Mrs Blair asked Princess Anne to call her Cherie when the Princess had addressed her as Mrs Blair, the Princess replied firmly.

“I'd rather not, Mrs Blair,”  she said. 



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