July 15

Inevitable? Yes, provided the states are abolished.


We have all heard, endlessly, that a republic is inevitable.

Taxes are certainly inevitable, as shown in the painting of the the arrival of Jesus and the Apostles in Capernaum.

The painting shows a payment being made to a tax collector. Apparently tax reform was a big issue in Florence: come to think of it, when isn't it?

Now republican curmudgeon Fairfax journalist and talk back host Mike Carlton has decided a republic is inevitable, but he now indicates a condition precedent (The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 July, 2008).

The states must be abolished.

We suspected this was on the republican agenda, after changing the flag. But we thought they wanted to do this after they attained a republic, not before.

…Tony Abbott has the "right idea"…

He has taken up reports that Tony Abbott wants a referendum to allow the Commonwealth to take such powers as it wants from the states.

Some would say the High Court already allows that.

 Mr. Carlton says Liberal shadow minister Tony Abbott has “the right idea.” He says he never thought he would write that. 

“Along with climate change,” he says  this is a debate “we” had to have.

“Kevin Rudd has recognised this, too. Abbott's problem is that abolition of the states would inevitably mean the advent of a republic.” 

I thought Mr. Carlton and his fellow republicans believe  a republic is inevitable, full stop.

 Incidentally Mr. Carlton has reservations about those involved apparently on his side in the climate change debate.

He says it is “the suburban eco-bores who drive me nuts, those dishevelled zealots in their chunky handknits and home-made jewellery who so ostentatiously flaunt their environmental correctness for the rest of us to applaud.

 “You cannot turn on ABC radio these days without encountering some open-line drone banging on about the virtues of her recycled papier mache toilet or the waterless washing machine fuelled entirely by possum poo.” 


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