July 12

It’s not disloyal to want to keep our Australian Constitution and our Australian Flag

Readers may recall republican Colin Clowes personal attack in the Daily Telegraph on a supporter of the Crown, R.H Filmer, which we mentioned in this column on 20 June,2007.  Mr. Clowes suggested Mr. Filmer must be English, and that he had no pride in having a “foreigner” as Queen.
On 18 June 2007 the Telegraph published Mr. Filmer’s reply.
” I thank Colin Clowes of Lidcombe for his letter in reply of my letter (June 13). Just to clear the air, I will introduce myself: My name is Richard Filmer, I am a 63-year­old grandfather who retired honourably from NSW Police eight years ago. In my school days we were taught to love and respect the monarchy, no matter who the reigning monarch was.
”When I swore my oath of office when I joined the NSW Police our oath was to the Queen of England and her heirs and suc­cessors. I am still a loyal subject of her Majesty even to this day.
“The Queen does not govern over Australia – she is represented by the Governor-General, who in this era has very few powers other than matters of the realm. But, yes, Colin I am a very proud man to have served Her Majesty and my state of NSW in the preserva­tion of peace. You might find if you look around that there are others who share my view. Rule Brittania.
God bless Australia.
R.H.Filmer Manly Vale”

J.A. Kirkpatrick of Darling Point added:
“Colin Clowes gets very excitable over the Solomon Islands, the Barmy Army, Peter Hollingworth and how R.H. Filmer signs himself. All these disparate sub­jects coalesce into repugnance for dignified Queen Elizabeth and our magnificent constitution that gives us our wonderful, stable, system of government. Colin, think happy, not grumpy – you'll feel better and be nicer to have around.”

The Telegraph also published my letter:
”Rather than suggesting RH Filmer has no pride and is Eng­lish anyway, Colin Clowes might like to know the Queen of Austra­lia is not a foreigner, as he claims. As for her having the final say on our laws, the final say about our basic law is with us, the people.
”And as for her never having made a decision about Australia, in 1986 The Queen personally took the crucial decision which allowed the constitutional system to be wholly Australianised, solving a problem which had divided our politicians since 1901.”
 Indeed a survey undertaken after the 1999 referendum concluded that those who voted No  were more patriotic than those who voted Yes.     


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