September 26

Just as we expected

Just as we expected. Stephen Frears, the director of the film “The Queen”, has described the monarchy as idiotic. As we have previously wrote in this column on 4 September, 2006, this film is “faction”, that is fiction presented as fact. To do this about people who are living today, and who have been involved in no wrongdoing, is unfair, and a breach of their rights. Such a film is misleading to the public, who may believe that it is true. I wonder how Mr. Frears would like it if a film were made about him attributing imagined conversations to him?  


Mr. Frears made his comments at the British premiere of the movie, which documents the movements of the Monarch following the death of Princess Diana in 1997. He would not say whether he wanted the monarchy abolished. He seems to concede that the republican cause is hopeless. “’There isn’t going to be a revolution, so there is no point even thinking about it. I think the institution is pretty idiotic but the Queen somehow makes it work.” As to the next reign, he says: “I imagine there will be changes. Living in that world would drive anyone bananas.”



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