August 13

Landslide youth vote

The typical supporter of our constitutional system is a white, Anglo Saxon, elderly protestant. You will still read and hear this myth even from the commentariat, which is the very profession whose first duty is to ascertain the truth.

Those who work with me just do not fit this  profile.  A prominent example is the formidable George Bougias, ACM’s international convener and head of the Greek Royalist Association of Australia.  

George Bougias gave a very well receive presentation on the related issue of demographic trends in Australia at the last ACM National Conference.


He has just participated-again -in the 'Western Region Constitutional Convention’ which was held in in Melbourne. In this convention, students from three schools get to hear two speakers one for and one against a politicians' republic. There are also other speakers including ones from local government and the Australian Electoral Commission. 

Student groups were then allocated to each of the six states. They then voted on whether they want Australia to remain a constitutional monarchy or become a presidential republic.

 “In a mirror result to last year, our Constitutional Monarchy was victorious with NO State voting for a politicians' republic and the referendum question being massively defeated in a landslide, “  reports George Bougias.

 “The main arguments for rejecting a politicians' republic by the students were:
1.       Australia functions well at the moment and there is no reason to change; and
2.       There are serious questions over whether a President be trusted.” 

The formal vote was conducted by  the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) . George thinks this should stop republicans complaining about the vote being rigged.

After the untruths spread around about the 1998 Constitutional Convention and the 1999 referendum, this cannot be guaranteed. 

George ends his report with those stirring words “God Save the Queen!”  


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