October 14

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette – Royalty, Revolution and Regicide

The Victorian Chapter of The  Monarchist League in Australia is holding this interesting function on 9 November at Morgan's at 401 in the beautiful city of Melbourne, where we held our very successful 12th National Conference

Delegates were able to see the National Finals of the Neville Bonner schools competition and to hear a report from Morgan Polling presented by a powerful team led by Chairman Gary Morgan, with CEO Michele Levine and Poll Manager Julian McCrann. This confirmed our conclusions about the significantly declining support in Australia for a change to a politicians’ republic. The polling among the young and new immigrants augurs well for the future of our constitutional monarchy.

In the course of the conference we heard reports from the various divisions and branches.

This included a report from the  Victorian Division  from Paul Webster who also informed delegates about the activities of the Victorian Chapter of the Monarchist League in Australia. We have been working closely for many years with the members of their Executive, and we have been attending one another's functions.

…Historia Group presentation…


Their function on 9 November will include a presentation that evening by the renowned Historia Group of their production on the French Revolution focusing on the lives and times of the French Royal family.

The production is entitled "Louis XVI and Murray.net: Royalty Revolution and Regicide"

Readers of the ACM website will recall that in 2006 (“Marie-Antoinette – justice at last?”)  we reported on an English book which goes into considerable detail in revealing how the French Republicans were able to use work of a group of criminals based in London who had libelled Murray Antoinette for the purpose of blackmailing the King, which they did successfully.

The unfortunate thing was that a copy of the libel – which was completely untrue – was preserved by an overzealous French bureaucrat, and filed in the Bastille. It was wonderful ammunition for the republicans who even then did not stoop to sending out untruths and lies about the Royal family.

The book  “Blackmail, Scandal and Revolution: London's French Libellistes 1758-92”  can be ordered through the Book Depository at the special price of  $26.39 post free. Just click here.

…Melbourne event…


The function on 9 November promises to be an interesting evening. You can download a copy of the flyer here 



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