September 5

Majestic presence in New Zealand

Writing in the New Zealand Herald  on 29July 29, 2006,  Carroll du Chateau described Her Excellency, Dame Silvia Cartwright sitting “…in an armchair at Government House, Epsom, cut-crystal glass at her elbow, public affairs officer standing at attention, central heating purring like a contented cat. The outgoing Governor-General who represents the Queen in New Zealand is perfectly at home. Not a silver hair is out of place. She chooses her words carefully, speaking with the rounded vowels she grew up with, which sound so posh in multicultural Auckland. The black pants and top are snug and simple, the beige jacket elegant. Her blue-grey brooch adds a touch of colour, the taper-toed shoes a hint of glamour. Dame Silvia herself adds the sense of majesty.”



“Those who know her say she makes wonderful friends and sustains them, and you can measure that by her loyalty to those who are part of her past lives.”



Ms. du Chateau continued: “Next month, when she arrives in Phnom Penh, the Governor-General will be plain Justice Cartwright again. But even on the Cambodian War Crimes Tribunal, where she will sit in judgment on a line-up of some of the most atrocious mass murderers in modern history, you can be sure she will exude that majestic presence.”



Wisely, Her Excellency would not be drawn about New Zealand becoming a republic: "I have no views on the subject, I’m the Queen’s representative in New Zealand….We often overlook the intense loyalty and love the Māori  people have for the Queen – probably more intense than many people of European descent. This is a history that’s never going to die."



Incidentally, the Royal Family has  a new link with the Māori  people through The  Lady Davina Elizabeth Alice Benedikte Lewis who is, is the elder daughter of Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester and The Duchess of Gloucester.Lady Davina  is currently 20th in line to the throne. Born on 19 November 1977, Lady Davina is a graduate of the University of the West of England with a degree in media studies. On  31 July 2004, in the chapel at Kensington Palace, Lady Davina married Gary Lewis whom she had met in Bali four years before .Mr. Lewis is   a New Zealander and nephew of noted author Witi Ihimaera. He is a builder and a surfing enthusiast, and  is the first person of Māori descent to marry into our Royal Family.




And to conclude this report on New Zealand, Professor Noel Cox, the chairman of the NZ Monarchist League, has just released the latest and very attractive edition of their journal, Monarchy New Zealand . Some readers will recall Professor Cox when he addressed an ACM National Conference in Sydney. The journal is now available on online at






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