December 20

Mate – youre busted! I’m going to report you to Republic HQ

While you are still chuckling over the republican admission that the presidency will be reserved for one of the “mates”, remember this-they still insist that even more of the taxpayers' hard earned money be diverted from schools and hospitals to fund their folly.

The republicans are now in their fifth taxpayer funded drive-and this is only at the federal level.

This is a new group of taxpayer funded politicians who think you pay them to undermine one of the world's most successful constitutions-and to breach the Oath of Allegiance they solemnly swear. This campaign was launched in an alcove –yes, an alcove- at Parliament House on 1 December, 2005.

A Liberal Senator, Mitch Fifield, began by making a starling confession. This was that he had recently succumbed to the magic of monarchy!

” Many months back when Mary Donaldson was here, Black Rod told a few of us that Mary was actually going to take a short cut through the Senate lobby to get to the Great Hall. So I and five of my Senatorial colleagues blockaded the entrance to the Senate lobby, to force Mary to say hello to us,” he admitted.

National Party Senator Ron Boswell, “collared” him over this. He declared:

"Mate – you’re busted. I'm going to report you to Republic HQ."

Senator Fifield pleaded:

"Bozzie, mate, I don't have a problem with Australian royalty…. Bozzie, you could almost convince me if we could introduce some sort of contestability into the monarchy, where maybe Australians every five years get to choose which particular royal family they want – Danish, Australian, and British.”

Actually, Senator Fifield‘s reaction is not at all uncommon among republicans.

From time to time, I have had to take friends aside and warn them to be very careful. I tell them never ever stand between republicans – and especially Sydney republicans – and royalty.

Otherwise, I say, you will be knocked over in the rush!

Senator Fifield continued by saying republicans should not be disheartened by the recent polls which indicate Australians are not interested in a republic. He said this was because there is no “imminent proposition”, presumably a referendum is before the people.

That is when the republican vote begins to fall, Senator

“We also shouldn't be disappointed, because you never know what the catalyst for change will be.” He drew curious analogies with the Berlin Wall and ATSIC, although what either has to do with one of the world's most successful constitutions are not clear.

At least he did not predict, as the Western Australian MHR Julie Bishop did this year, that the catalyst for Australian republicans will be the UK would becoming a republic, likely to occur within a decade!

Anyway, said Senator Fifield, we politicians are meant to be leaders. “We're meant to lead debate. We're in the ideas business; we're in the advocacy business.”

But Senator, Australia refused to follow the bidding of the republican politicians in 1999.

At least Senator Fifield knows from his own feelings the danger to republicans which flows from the magic of monarchy. It infected him when Princess Mary came to Parliament. He warned that “perhaps the greatest threat” to the republican cause is if Prince William visits the Slip Inn.

That is where the then Mary Donaldson met Prince Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark.

“We should be eternally vigilant” he said, meaning, I suppose, that young Australian ladies should be kept away from Prince William.

Could you blame the young ladies ?

It is perfectly understandable that Australians, young or old, are far more interested in Prince William, or indeed, Princess Mary, than yet another politician, especially one of the "mates" they are planning to make president of whatever sort of republic they finally decide they want.


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