January 15

Michael Hodgman QC on the republican plan to use plebiscites


The discredited Australian Republican Movement will almost certainly try – by deceit and deception – to persuade the new Federal Government to put a plebiscite to the people of Australia on the ‘need’ for a Republic – using the totally dishonest Question ‘Do you want an Australian Head of State ?’

The vote at the plebiscite will not have any Constitutional effect at all and it will not amend or change the Australian Constitution.  

The Republicans have shown, by their past conduct, that they will engage in deceit and deception, and even though they were absolutely thrashed in the 1999 Republican Referendum, they will undoubtedly try to deceive the people of Australia again. 

Not only must we be on guard – remembering the time honoured call-to-arms, ‘The Price of Liberty is eternal Vigilance’,  we must, in fact, go in the offensive and run with the battle-cry that this is the Republicans last chance to change our great Australian Constitution, which proudly proclaims ‘one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown’. 

The cost to date of the failed 1999 Republican Referendum is over $200 million – a massive bill for the taxpayers of Australia, and money which would have been better spent on Police, roads, schools, hospitals, pensioners and battlers.  If there is both a plebiscite, as well as another looney crackpot Republican Referendum, the cost would be well in excess of $300 million and could even hit $400 million !

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.  Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, our friends and supporters, and the overwhelming majority of Australians who voted so emphatically to retain our Australian Constitution – the best in the world – must be vigilant and on guard, at all times.







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