May 8

Monarchists are “racists, the bigots, the fascists and the Bible-stricken depressives”- republican


the readers of the Toowoomba Chronicle were surprised to see this as the “letter of the day”, attacking the normally republican newspaper’s praise of The Queen on her eightieth birthday.

The letter was published over an excellent photo of The Queen:-

"Your editorial (TC 24/4 ) would give comfort to the racists, the bigots, the fascists and the Bible-stricken depressives who gather under the banner of monarchy. You have suppressed the truth in denying the strength of the republican cause and you have fed the uninformed bias of the majority, which is what I try to redress in my letters. If Monarchy has run its course at age 79, why is it irresistible at 80? Some analysis of this important issue would have been appropriate together with a more nuanced assessment of the future of monarchy.

John Bergin,


Mr John Brett replied:

” Sir, We are informed that the Queen receives around six international leaders each week, which over her 54 year reign amounts to around 300 world leaders. She confers with monarchical, constitutional monarchical, republican and communist leaders, none of who, as far as we have been informed, have seen fit to denigrate or insult her, most returning for an audience with her again. Even the African dictator Kenneth Kaunda, who murdered his opposition and many others, when asked why he liked the Queen, answered "because we can trust her." Here the denigration of the Queen and the Crown, our original and oldest institution, is carried out by a minority of journalists who are paid by the media owners for just that purpose. The poison that is poured on both the Queen and the Crown (T.C. 2-5-06. ), comes mainly from the pens of those who have made no contribution to the honour, safety and continuity of Australia, which is indisputably the most successful nation in history because of the Crown’s central role in its development and stability. But worse, they never miss any opportunity to take advantage of all the privileges, security and hand-outs this system makes available to them, not available in at least 60% of the rest of the world they are insisting we emulate.

Yours etc”

Thank you, John Brett, for putting it so well.


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