June 28

Most and least trusted

With the release of the 2010 latest list of most trusted Australians and most trusted professions, I was reminded of a survey  published  by the Reader’s Digest in 2008.As they said, trust  depends on the particular situation. It seems that The Queen would be most trusted with an embarrassing secret and with e-mail passwords and the secrets of your inbox.

Oh dear!  Republicans proposing some sort of yet unknown politicians’ republic ought to look at the list of professions in order of trust in the 2009 Reader’s Digest survey:

1. Ambulance officers
2. Firefighters
3. Nurses
4. Pilots
5. Pharmacists
6. Doctors
7. Veterinarians
8. Farmers
9. Armed forces
10. Teachers
11. Dentists
12. Scientists
13. Police officers
14. Locksmiths
15. Childcare providers
16. Bus/train drivers
17. Electricians
19. Social workers
20. Judges
21. Chefs
22. Hairdressers
23. Plumbers
24. Accountants
25. Domestic cleaners
26. Religious ministers
27. Bartenders
28. Financial planners
29. Mechanics
30. Lawyers
31. Taxi drivers
32. Journalists
33. Professional footballers
34. CEO's
35. Sex workers
36. Real estate agents
38. Politicians
39. Car salesmen



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