February 28

Mr. Howard’s ten years


Mr. Howard could not have had a better present on the tenth anniversary of his prime ministership.

According to polling by Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, 27 February, 2006, most Australians want John Howard to stay on as Prime Minister for at least several more years and contest the next election. Most people believe they are better off and more secure under Mr. Howard’s leadership.

[The report can be accessed at http://dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story/0,20281,18283219-5001021,00.html]

Few voters wish to embrace Treasurer Peter Costello as successor, and many said they would prefer a Labor prime minister. But they also feel Labor has yet to demonstrate it is a viable alternative to the Coalition.

They are becoming concerned about the standard of services such as health, education and aged care. Readers will notice that there is no concern for that elite issue the republic. The republic , with other elite issues has been a turn-off, and indication that a politician is out- of- touch. The referendum was a turning point. It sorted the wheat from the chaff.

Politicians who are passionate about republicanism, who are desperate to remove our symbols do not impress the voter. On the contrary, their obsession and their refusal to listen to the people will doom them to irrelevancy


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