February 1

Music and Monarchy

In this final  superb episode of Music and Monarchy , Dr David Starkey's explores the influence of the  relationship between the  monarchy and  music in  the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

 Not only is this informative, it is beautiful both to see and to hear.

Starkey hears music written by Queen Victoria's beloved Albert, Prince Consort – played for him (by David Owen Norris) in Buckingham Palace, on a lavish golden piano the pair Victoria and Albert bought together.

There are also specially recorded performances from St Paul's Cathedral Choir and Westminster Abbey, and of works by Felix Mendelssohn, Arthur Sullivan, Charles Villiers Stanford, and Ralph Vaughan Williams – as well as Hubert Parry's classic 'Jerusalem'

You can catch this episode on this link which lasts until 14 February 2014.



                  [St. George's Chapel Windsor]



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