September 12

New Executive Director

ACM's Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of the fourth Executive Director since the formation of the organisation in 1992, Mr. Jai Martinkovits.

Mr. Martinkovits will succeed Mr. Thomas Flynn who has held the position for the previous four years and who will continue to be the Editor of “Monarchy Australia”, the nation's oldest monarchist journal.


Jai is Young ACM Spokesman and at the age of 24 is the youngest person to hold the demanding position of Executive Director. He has very successfully administered ACM’s innovative education programme.

This year the program incorporated a national competition with the final to be held in Melbourne at ACM’s upcoming 12th Annual National Conference. 

…diverse range of attributes…

Born and raised in the Western region of Sydney, Jai has demonstrated to ACM that he has a diverse range of attributes, including a  good formal education, business prowess and a variety of sporting and social interests. All of the former contribute to Jai’s well balanced perspective on life.

He is enormously respected in the diverse society in which he is a valuable contributor. Jai has extensive training in the field of Information Technology, having graduated with a Bachelor of Computing.

His expertise is in E-Business and Business Information Systems. He has extensive experience in the IT sector, following the establishment and success of his own IT company.

Jai has proven communication skills, having appeared regularly in the media, presenting and defending the ACM case. He has participated in various events and debates, reinforcing ACM’s views against leading republicans, including ones against a sitting politician and a university professor of politics.

A keen sportsman, and training under Tae Kwon Do World Champion Master Bren Foster, he has been awarded the Brown Belt.

“The directors are very pleased that Jai has accepted this position. This has been held by a superb group of young Australians, including the present leader of Her Majesty's Opposition in the Australian Parliament, the Honourable Tony Abbott, that wonderful leader of the Vote No Committee in the referendum, Mrs. Kerry Jones (whose counterpart was Malcolm Turnbull) and more recently by Mr. Thomas Flynn,” said ACM National Convenor, Professor David Flint.

“Each of our Executive Directors has brought a fresh and new perspective to ACM. We are sure that Jai, our youngest Executive Director will be no different,” he said.  


Mr. Flynn is a delightful, entertaining and erudite colleague. The Board is very pleased that he has agreed to continue in an editorial role and also to be available to provide us with advice from his experience over the past four difficult years in which ACM campaigned to protect the role of the Crown in our constitutional system, and to retain our Australian Flag.”



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