April 13

New Governor-General


The appointment of the new Governor- General, Ms. Bryce, demonstrates how smoothly, efficiently and economically  our constitutional system works in the appointment of a person of merit to that high office which is above party politics, the office which  the High Court has declared is “the constitutional head of the Commonwealth” of Australia.[i]

The Governor-General, Major General Jeffery has welcomed the appointment of  Ms. Quentin Bryce as his successor. He said that it was a singular honour to serve the people of Australia in this  role. 

 According to the ABC, Major General Michael Jeffery said that he and his wife Marlena would undertake their duties in the next four months “with the same pride, dedication and energy that they have always done.” Ms Bryce, a lawyer and academic and a former Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner is presently the Governor of Queensland.

The Prime Minister discussed his recommendation with The Queen in his recent audience.

"It's a great honour and a great responsibility, and it's a great day for Australian women," Ms. Bryce  said of her appointment as 25th Governor-General on 5 September, 2008.

 Major General Jeffery was earlier congratulated by the Prime Minister who said:

“ I would like  to acknowledge on behalf of the Government and the people of Australia our thanks to Major General Jeffery and to his wife Marlene for the great contribution they've made to this important office in the Commonwealth of Australia."

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy extend our congratulations to Ms Bryce on her appointment, and our appreciation to Major General and Mrs Jeffery for their great service to the nation.

…the office of Governor-General… 

At the 1926 Imperial Conference, it was affirmed that the Dominions were equal in status to the United Kingdom.

The Prime Ministers decided that it was “an essential consequence of the equality of status existing among the members of the British Commonwealth of Nations that the Governor-General of a Dominion is the representative of the Crown, holding in all essential respects the same position in relation to the administration of public affairs in the Dominion as is held by His Majesty the King in Great Britain'

They also noted that “a Governor-General should be supplied with copies of all documents of importance and in general should be kept as fully informed as is His Majesty the King in Great Britain of Cabinet business and public affairs.”

At the next conference in 1930, the Prime Ministers agreed on the protocol concerning the appointment of Governors-General.

This is :1.     “The parties interested in the appointment of a Governor-General of a Dominion are His Majesty the King, whose representative he is, and the Dominion concerned.  2.     The constitutional practice that His Majesty acts on the advice of responsible Ministers applies also in this instance.   3.     The Ministers who tender and are responsible for such advice are His Majesty's Ministers in the Dominion concerned.  4.     The Ministers concerned tender their formal advice after informal consultation with His Majesty.  

5.     The channel of communication between His Majesty and the Government of any Dominion is a matter solely concerning His Majesty and such Government. His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom have expressed their willingness to continue to act in relation to any of His Majesty's Governments in any manner in which that Government may desire.

 6.     The manner in which the instrument containing the Governor-General's appointment should reflect the principles set forth above is a matter in regard to which His Majesty is advised by His Ministers in the Dominion concerned.[ii]   

[i] R v Governor of South Australia [1907] HCA 31; (1907) 4 CLR 1497 (8 August 1907)  
[ii] See extracts of Imperial Conferences 1926 and 1930


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