October 26

Not Another Republican Stunt

It seems there is no limit to the occasions when the republicans will use some stunt to promote their campaign.

They have already announced they will try to politicise the Commonwealth Games.

Their newly discovered "fears" that the proposed new anti-terrorism laws will be used against them are not to be taken seriously.

The present laws have not worried them at all.

For some time, some republicans politicians have been quite prepared to swear a false oath of allegiance. One admitted in the NSW parliament that he had committed perjury, a serious criminal offence.

The view of the crown law authorities seems to be that the advocacy of peaceful constitutional change is not an offence.

They will not prosecute, even where a politician admits to a serious crime, admittedly under privilege.

That will not of course change if the new anti-terrorist laws are adopted.

It will be for the parliaments to decide the form of those laws. If challenged it will be for the High Court to rule on their constiutional validity.

Republicans only indicate a degree of desparation when they resort to this sort of stunt to promote their campaign for constitutional change.

Until next time,

David Flint


Commonwealth Games, High Court, Oath of Allegiance, terrorism

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