April 3

Now they’re saying the award wasn’t valid

The story below represents a last desperate attempt to undermine the recognition of the achievements of the hero of Timor, Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove and of the former Governor-General, Dame Quentin Bryce.
Now the restoration of the highest rank to the Order of Australia  was effected economically and efficiently in the same way chosen to establish the Order.

This is by order of The Queen of Australia under what lawyers call the Royal Prerogative, which incidentally was the subject of a scholarly book by the great Labor leader, Dr HV Evatt.

As a constitutional monarchy The Queen acts under the Prerogative on the advice of the Prime Minister.  By well established convention, the Prime Minister advises The Queen directly on matters relating to the viceroy, he does not air this beforehand in the Cabinet particularly when individuals are concerned.

…obsessive behaviour..

There has been an extraordinary obsession by the republican politicians and the commentariat with this virtually costless but appropriate recognition of the achievements of Sir Peter Cosgrove and Dame Quentin Bryce.






This began with ridicule. Now the validity of the awards is being challenged  by a pointless ''bush lawyer'' argument. The Fairfax sites were running a story on 2 April 2014 under the headline "Was Dame Quentin really as Dame when Tony Abbott said she was?": 

It just doesn't wash. How Her Majesty  gives  approval under the Prerogative  is obviously a matter for Her Majesty. 

With such security as is considered necessary, she may  do so by telephone or email  with the formal documents to follow.
This applies not only to the creation or amendment of Letters Patent, and acts under the Letters Patent  including the making of the  awards such as that to  General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

And it is not having any effect out in ''struggle street''. As Roy Morgan Research revealed this week, the principal concern out there is  economic. 

There are other concerns.

But some  politicians' republic, or shredding the Flag  or honouring achievements are just not among them.



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