November 12

Oath to be restored in NSW

The Rev Fred Nile introduced the Oath of Allegiance Bill into the Legislative Council of New South Wales on Remembrance Day, 11 November 2011.  The bill will restore the oath of allegiance for members of Parliament, but as an option.  It has the support of the Coalition and therefore is likely to pass.

His motion to set aside Standing Orders to bring on his private member's bill was opposed by the Greens and Labor, but on  a division was passed.

The President, the Honourable Don Harwin, announced that he “acknowledged the presence in the gallery of Professor David Flint and Mr Jai Martinkovits from Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.”

Mr Nile’s second reading speech was subject to almost continuous interjections. When the approved Hansard is available, we will publish a copy of his second reading speech here.

…studied act of rudeness……

A letter from the ACM national convener published in the Daily Telegraph on 14th March 2006 recalls the circumstances in which the New South Wales Parliament abolished the oath of allegiance. 

It reads:


It is difficult to think of a more studied act of rudeness than that of the NSW government in rushing through a supposed private member's bill to abolish their Oath of Allegiance, just as The Queen is about to arrive.

One politician actually admitted in Parliament that he had committed perjury -a serious crime.  

After the studied snub not to play the Australian Royal Anthem at the Commonwealth Games, according to Australian law and practice established by the Hawke government, the good name of this country will be damaged by the international media reports of this appalling rudeness.  

If the republican politicians were honest in swearing the new pledge to the people, they would do two things.

Hold a referendum on this, and grant us the legal right to recall them for an early election whenever we wished , an arrangement which applies in other countries. 

Surely they would be prepared to face the people on this matter, and in an election whenever the people wish?"  


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