September 16

One million post views and 18,000 fans on Facebook

ACM’s Facebook received over one million post views in the month to 12 September. 2011. When we last reported this statistic we had received 570,045 post views. This was for the month  to 7 August 2011. (A post view is the number of times people have viewed a news feed story.)

 You can access Facebook here.

Traffic to our Facebook page has been increasing ever since we consolidated four separate Facebook pages run by various supporters into one official ACM Facebook page. This is now a little over one year old and now has over 18,000 fans, that is people who have clicked that they like the page.

When we reported on this last month we had about 12000 fans.


In the meantime this site in the year to date received over 11.78 million hits, and almsot  3.25 million page views. (Page views are a more accurate measure of web traffic and popularity.)

Each 'page' contains about 14 columns – this is a column.

This means a large number of columns have come up onto the screens of our many visitors; it does not of course mean that all of these have been read.

Our education site, which complements our national schools competition, attracted 165,134 page views in the year to date and 324,949 hits. 



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