December 30

Only The Queen Understands


Professor Philip Murphy’s book  “Monarchy and the End of Empire” – is ”by a country mile the most important and well-informed to have been written about the contemporary British monarchy…”  writes Peter Oborne in the London Daily Telegraph on 27 December 2013 ”Only the Queen understands the true value of the Commonwealth”.

You can order this substantial hardback book published by Oxford University Press through the Book Depository. The price is discounted by  10%, with free delivery and no tax, and also providing a commission to ACM. Just click here.

Professor Murphy says the record suggests that The Queen may well be better informed and be more abreast of the time than her ministers.

” Look at her record: against Suez; in favour of Macmillan; against arms sales to South Africa; for sanctions against apartheid. A personal record of wise but deft interventions in foreign affairs.

”She is pro-British, but does not think that means being slavishly European or Atlanticist.

”She understands the relevance of ancient history to modern foreign policy.

”She knows a multitude of world leaders.

His ultimate challenge is this: ”Here’s a thought: could it be that the Queen, and the Commonwealth she heads, is a far greater foreign policy asset to Britain than all recent foreign secretaries and prime ministers put together?'”


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