April 14

Our monarchy reaches out…concluded


In our last column, Dr Roman asked: “Who knows what the future holds between the Monarchy and Orthodoxy?"

He continues: “In addition, we know that Her Majesty the Queen is personally related, by blood ancestry, to more than 37 Royal Houses in Europe and Asia. What better person is there to represent the multicultural society that is Canada? “Among these Royal Houses is that of Saint Volodymyr the Great of Kyivan-Rus'.

“Ukrainians in Britain petitioned the Queen for permission to formally give the Loyal Toast in this manner: Ladies and Gentlemen – The Queen, Descendant of Saint Volodymyr the Great of Kyiv."

“Buckingham Palace officials were directed to some research. As a result, permission was granted by the Queen herself.

“Ukrainian Canadians should be especially proud of this during the Golden Jubilee year, namely, that the Head of State of Canada is someone who is directly connected by blood and ancestry to our sainted and royal Ukrainian Grand Princes and Kings!

“A part of my family is from western Canada – the Ukrainian Canadian "old country" – and they are among the most ardent monarchists I have ever known . . .

“As for Quebec, its linguistic, political and cultural rights have always been guaranteed by the Crown – historic conflicts notwithstanding.

“I daresay Quebec has fared better under the Crown than it ever would as part of the United States, for example. Unless Quebec sees in the State of Louisiana a model for its own course of cultural development . . .

“Our Canadian Crown is an Anglo-French one and our parliamentary heritage is likewise heavily influenced by the genius of French government administration.

“In addition, Quebec's cultural heritage is certainly not that of Republican France, but of Royal France and Royal French traditions are an integral part of Canadian national identity as well.

“May God bless Her Majesty the Queen in this her Golden Jubilee year as our Sovereign Head of State, may God protect her and her Family for many, many more years to come.

God save the Queen! Que Dieu protège la Reine! “


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