November 5

Out of touch republicans


"Once again, Australia’s republicans have demonstrated they are completely out of touch. Australians are not interested in changing either our Flag or our constitution, one of the most successful in the world, which the republicans ridiculously suggest is "increasingly irrelevant". Nor do Australians want to see any more of their hard earned money diverted from schools , hospitals and transport to this folly." said ACM National Convenor, Professor David Flint, responding to ARM calls to revive the issue.

"Republicans know that another referendum would be defeated by an even greater majority than the landslide in 1999, when every state and 72% of electorates said No to the ARM’s preferred model. That is why they have opted for a series of plebicscites to trick the people into giving them a blank cheque on the Constitution."

ACM conducted a campaign in selected electorates, distributing up to a million pamphlets explaining the plebiscitary proposal.The conclusion of the voters was that republic is one of those issues which indicates to the rank and file Australian that the politician who advances them is completely out of touch.

And even the stacked Senate Committee- which recently and secretively reported at great expense on a republic- conceded that education on the way we are governed is crucial. " We believe that as Australians know more about their remarkably successful Constiution, they will want to keep it even more than they do now. Republicans actually believethe people will then want to change it! We say, let the people decide"     

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