May 30

Please do not embarrass us with another 2020 Summit, PM


The Prime Minister has threatened not just Australia this time, but the world, with another 2020 Summit. If he only chooses people who will vote for government policy, and if it’s not run competently, the result will be extremely embarrassing.

On the last occasion the selection was rigged so well that Robert Mugabe would have been envious. This resulted in a 98% majority vote in favour of some undefined politicians’ republic. Opinion polls suggested this should have been no more than 45%.

The other thing is the Prime Minister should make sure it is run by competent people. On the last occasion the resolutions on a republic were flawed by an elementary error of law.  Even a sympathiser, Professor Robert Manne, likened it to a Mad Hatter’s Tea party.

If the Prime Minister is going to have another Summit, one which will draw international attention, could he do it properly this time and not as if he were some  tin pot dictator?

If he doesn’t he will be an international laughing stock.

(“PM sets out Asia-Pacific choice: talk or be torn,” Cynthia Banham, The Sydney Morning Herald 30-31 May,2009)


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