November 20

Political deals to choose flag-changing president

Europe‘s politicians are deep in deal making concerning the appointment of the new European President*. As with so many things to do with the EU, it looks as though the choice could be determined in the traditional way –  by the Paris–Berlin Axis.

According to London’s Daily Express the front runner is determined to replace Britain’s flag and national anthem with  "European symbols.”

The British people of course are involved in the EU because of the deceit of their politicians who misrepresented its effect and cost, and failed to give them the vote they promised on the EU Constitution, renamed the Treaty of Lisbon.  

These plans about the presidency may however be thrown into disarray. The German ambassador to Brussels has caused a storm by  telling a Belgian newspaper, De Morgen, that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel had thrown her support behind the Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy. According to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Paolo Totaro (“EU secret out as diplomat spills beans on top post” 20 November), the gaffe  makes a mockery of the meticulous and secret negotiations conducted by the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt.

“It sparked denials from the German Government, and The Times in London reported that a German diplomat had rung it to insist that Mr Bettzuege had been misquoted.

Ms. Totaro says Mr Van Rompuy had become the favourite after it became clear more countries wanted to see the inaugural role be that of a low-key ''chairman'' rather than a high-profile leader such as the former British prime minister Tony Blair, who is being promoted by the British.

Despite Germany's attempt to not place its cards on the table, the clear hint that there has been a deal done with France on the presidency was strengthened when Dr Merkel confirmed Berlin and Paris would agree on their candidate: ''Germany and France will reach an agreement … and not oppose each other."

*[Since posting this, the EU has announced the appointment of Mr. Herman Van Rompuy.] 


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