September 12

Politicians Are Not The Only Ones Out Of Touch

In my two last columns, I referred to politicians whose republicanism is a sure sign they are out of touch, a view The Australian seems to share.

But it is not only the republican politicians who are out of touch.

Many in our media seems not to have noticed the complete disinterest in the electorate for constitutional change.

Reviewing David McCulloch’s book, “1776” in the Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum, 20-21 August 2005, Bruce Wolpe writes that “Australia has been able to achieve its greatness without rebellion is quite magnificent. But Australia is still one revolution short of greatness, and its destiny as a republic is still to be secured”

Mr Wolpe is described as an American, resident here since 1991, and corporate affairs manager for Fairfax.

He is a charming man, and no doubt there would be little dissent from this view in the Fairfax corridors in the Darling Park tower.

But as someone once observed, the closest the Fairfax journalists get to the rank and file is the magnificent view from the Darling Park tower across Sydney’s western suburbs to the Blue Mountains.

Until next time,

David Flint


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