July 9

Poll confirms strong support for Canadian monarchy- and what a waste of time republicans can be

 An opinion poll by leading pollster Angus Reid released just before the Royal Visit to Canada finds only weak support for a vague undefined Canadian republic.


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Close to  60% oppose “severing ties with the British Monarchy,”  while 33% support this. But asked whether, at the end of the reign, Queen Elizabeth should be the last monarch, a low 23% agree. 

The discrepancy can be explained by the obvious bias in  the words “ties with the British monarchy”.    In law, the Canadian monarchy is entirely separate from the British monarchy.

Instead there exists what international lawyers call  a “personal union”. This is where the same person is monarch of two or more countries.

The answer in a poll depends on the question.

…fair qustion…

 Had the question been “Does Queen Elizabeth deserve to be removed  as Queen of Canada? “, the No vote would probaly have been over 90%.

A fairer question would be "Should Canada be reconstituted as a republic with an elected president (or whatever model the republicans want)?'  “

Undoubtedly the majority opposed would be well over the 77%  who do not think Queen Elizabeth should be the last monarch, or are undecided. 

The problem in designing the question is that  the minuscule Canadian republican movement is either hiding its preferred republican model or is unable to design one. 

Any Republican movement which is not prepared to spell out precisely what it wants is of course an absolute waste of time and should be ignored.

…favourable opinion…


Taken over three months, the poll by shows a strong majority (74%) have a mostly favourable opinion of Prince William, while Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is liked by 68 per cent of Canadians. She is now tied with Queen Elizabeth II (68% +12), as the second most favoured member of the Royal Family.

Two thirds (64%) have a mostly favourable opinion of Prince Harry, another increase from December.  


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