December 3

Premier Ted Baillieu sworn in


Ted Baillieu has been sworn in as Victoria's new Premier, taking the oath of office in a ceremony at Government House this afternoon, as shown in this Sky News report .

He was sworn in by Governor David de Kretser.

Professor de Kretser began by announcing he had received a message from John Brumby, resigning his commission as premier and therefore that of his ministry.

Mr Baillieu then took the oath of office to become Victoria's 46th Premier.

"I appoint Mr Edward Norman Baillieu Premier and Minister for Arts. Would you now make the oath?" Mr de Kretser said.

"I, Edward Norman Baillieu, do swear that I will to the best of my judgment and ability faithfully advise and assist the Government in all matters as shall be brought under my consideration as a member of the executive council."

This is clearly an oath introduced as part of the creeping republicanism which has been quite inappropriately inserted into public life in Australia in recent years.

It should be reversed – after all in the vote that counted the people rejected the republican model the overwhelming choice of the elected republican delegates at the 1998 Constitutional Convention.



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