March 30

President Sarkozy received by The Queen : the Australian link


The visit by the President of France to the UK was a triumph. How charming Mrs Sarkozy is, and how gracious she was to curtsey to The Queen.

One of our readers, Mr. Norman Pollack, points out that when Her Majesty met the President of the French Republic on 26th March, they travelled to Windsor in the "Australian State Coach".

Incidentally, readers can watch a  video of the visit from the BBC.

Mr. Pollack  says that “we might think our Monarch is distant from us, but it is obvious that we are close to our Monarch.”

“In a world where Her Majesty can only say the words that advisers and ministers write, this sort of symbolic gesture is indicative of the place that Australia still holds in the institution of Monarchy and in Her Majesty's own consideration of us as one of Her Majesty's Realms.”


We agree.


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