September 18

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary to visit Australia

Crown Prince Frederik and  Australian-born Crown Princess Mary of Denmark are to visit Australia in November, according to AAP.

They will visit Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, from November 19 to November 26, their first official visit to Australia as a couple since 2005.

"We are very proud of our ties to Denmark,"the Prime Minister’s spokesman announced."Their visit is a sign of the strength of the friendship between our two nations.

"They will lead a business delegation focused on green energy, sustainable living and food technologies.

"This delegation will provide an opportunity to enhance trade and business ties between our two countries in this important area," he added.


On this Royal visit we issue our standard warning to all ACM supporters. Never stand between royalty and the republican establishment – otherwise you will be knocked over in the rush.

In an earlier visit, one of the correspondents to the Daily Telegraph (8 March 2005) put it in a way we could not:-


With the visit of Mary and Frederik of Denmark, I have noticed an amusing irony – the royal gala dinners were full of old, fat republicans stuffing their faces!

Jacqueline De Cotta,

Richmond, NSW




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