September 4

Prince Harry to train in the US


Prince Harry’s spokesman, Nick Loughran, told The Daily ( the US based Ipad news service) posted on 18 August 2011  that the Prince, who is a captain in the British Army Air Corps, "will be coming to the States at some point in the next couple of months for a handful of courses … in parts of Arizona and California.

"The Prince will spend "about two-and-a-half to three months" in the U.S., Loughran said, as part of a standard program for British Apache pilots.Once the course finishes, Prince Harry will be appointed to a U.K. Apache squadron and could be deployed to a war zone.



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"At some point down the line, it will be up to the Ministry of Defense chain of command to decide where and when, or if, any of those squadrons are deployed," the spokesman said.

Prince Harry served for 10 weeks in Afghanistan in 2007-2008. He was withdrawn from the battle front after an Australian magazine broke an embargo on reporting his whereabouts.

The UK authorities believed that as a result  his unit  would have been especially targetted  by the enemy. He has been determined to retun as soon as he is permitted.


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