January 27

Prince William: Demonstrating Leadership Beyond Politics

Prince William is a splendid role model, says Professor David Flint. His service in the RN, RAF and the Army, to charities , and to Royal duties even when he is on leave and on a private visit demonstrates one of the unique benefits of our Crown. This is that it provides – as no politicians’ republic ever could- leadership beyond politics.

The republicans untruthfully said ACM never mentioned The Queen in the 1999 referendum campaign. Of course we did, but the referendum was essentially about the Constitution.

They put up a model- their very best – which the people agreed was manifestly flawed. The republicans now admit this.

Now they won’t say what they are planning to impose  as the constitution and flag of some unkown  politicans' republic. That is why they want to hide behind a blank cheque plebiscite. This will be deliberately designed to create a period of constitutional instability. This is to soften people up for the referendum which the republicans know in their hearts will be lost. 

That is whay most republican politicians want to put this off until a time when they expect to be safely in retirement.

 That won't of course stop them keeping the issue simmering whenever  they see some political advanatge in this.




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