May 11

Prince William – role model for republican pollies

Prince William is now being held up as a role model for our mainly republican politicians – ''POLLIES MUST FLY ECONOMY'' the headline insists.

What will our republican pollies say now? What will the republican former pollies who still fly business on their gold passes – including those two former premiers who are always in the media spruiking some politicians' republic – say?

The headline ''POLLIES MUST FLY ECONOMY'' is on the lead side bar to popular Miranda Devine's column in Australia's highest circulating newspaper, The Sunday Telegraph (11 May 2014).

….unlike most Aussies, most pollies are republicans….


No wonder most pollies want a politicians' republic.

The pollies certainly don't want to be embarrassed by our Prince.

Miranda – bless her- writes:

"IF economy class is good enough for Prince William it should be good enough for our politicians and public servants.

"'There is no good reason why the poor overburdened taxpayer should pay extra for them to sit in business class seats on domestic flights.

''If politicians and public servants want to travel in more style, let them pay for the difference out of their own pockets.

''Frankly, it would do them good to share a cabin with the hard-working small business people and PAYG wage slaves who pay their salaries and perks and are sick of the wasteful spending of big government.

''They shouldn’t be hobnobbing in the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge either. Let them sit out in the terminal with real people.

''If the government is serious about tightening belts, they should remember that “equality of sacrifice” begins at home.''

Will the republican pollies – and those two former premiers always in the media spruiking some politicians' republic – follow our Prince's lead?


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