August 27

Prince William talks about his son

The Duke of Cambridge has described his new son as a "little bit of a rascal" in the first interview since his birth, saying he isn't sure if he reminds him more of himself as a child — or his brother Prince Harry.

In his first official interview since the birth in London on July 22, Prince William told CNN that Prince George is already quite a character. This clip was published by the London Daily Telegraph on 19 August 2013.

"He's a little bit of a rascal, I'll put it that way," William told CNN's Max Foster. "He either reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger, I'm not sure, but he's doing very well at the moment."

"He's growing quite quickly actually. But he's a little fighter – he wriggles around quite a lot and he doesn't want to go to sleep that much."




…First public engagement for Duchess…


Although William has been seen on a number of occasions since the birth, Kate's first public engagement will be at an awards ceremony for wildlife conservation charity Tusk Trust next month.

It had been thought the duchess would spend much of the autumn out of the limelight and away from public duties caring for George, but confirmation from Kensington Palace that she will take part in the event may indicate she plans to juggle motherhood with royal engagements sooner than expected.





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