October 20

Prince William’s Afghanistan Ambitions



David Williams for Sky News Online reported on 19 October 2010 that Prince William has revealed he still harbours ambitions to follow in his younger brother's bootstraps and serve in Afghanistan. 

The 28-year-old, who recently became an RAF helicopter pilot, said he had "real determination" to fight on the frontline and it was a "pity" he had yet to put his training into action. 

His comments come in a Sky 1 HD documentary which follows him and Prince Harry as they visit charities in Botswana. William said he understood, but did not agree with, the reasons which have restricted his chances of serving. But he said he still believed he will get a chance to serve in the region.  

 Prince William is keen to follow his brother's tour of duty.  

[Continued below, including selected videos from the Prince's New Zealand homecoming. Click on 'Read more']



"There are some slightly valid arguments as to why not, but many of them were hyped up as to why you couldn't go," he told presenter Ben Fogle, adding: "I still have hope and faith and real determination to go out there." 

William said he took "massive effort into maintaining" his military career. "I love it," he said. "I love the flying. I can't wait to do the job properly. But it's difficult flitting between my military, my public life and my private lives."

 Speculation about the young prince's potential engagement to his long-standing girlfriend Kate Middleton continues to make front page

Prince William spoke exclusively to presenter Ben Fogle  William diplomatically admitted the constant rumours were a "slight disadvantage". 

"There's always speculation," he told Fogle. "But, you know, it comes with the job, so get on with it." 

Asked if he was resigned to the sustained media interest in his plans for marriage, he said: "Yeah, it doesn't mean I'd be as polite about this talking behind closed doors, but it's one of those things.

 "Everyone has their problems. It just happens to be a slight disadvantage, but I'm very lucky to be in my position, so I won't complain." 

Prince William's Africa was to be broadcast on Sky 1 HD at 8pm on Wednesday 20 October 2010. 

An interview by the BBC late in 2009 is embedded aboves.

Selected videos from the New Zeaalnd homecoming in early 2010 follow. 







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