March 17

Princes’ support for fire and flood victims

The Royal Family continues to show their feelings for the victims of the recent bushfires and floods in Australia. From The Queen’ message to the victims, the Premier’s indication that Her Majesty  had asked for daily briefings, the Duke of Edinburgh being the first to sign the condolence book,  the expressions of great  concern from Prince Charles and his sons, The Queen’s personal donation, and the decision  the Princess Royal to cancel all appointments and fly to Australia to be at the memorial service are testimony to that.


As this video on the site shows,  Prince William and Prince Harry have taken a leading role took  in the concerts last weekend to raise funds for the bushfire and flood victims in Australia.

"We are very sorry that we cannot join you today in Sydney and Melbourne for these incredible concerts," Prince William said after being introduced by Australian actress Toni Collette.

Harold Schmauz of the Monarchist Alliance says The Age could not ignore the Princes: "As the showers that were dousing the last of Victoria's bushfires fell on the MCG yesterday, a soggy but sated 81,000-strong crowd paid tribute to Black Saturday's fire-fighters and its survivors, with a whooping, swaying rain dance in the thrall of some of Australia's most legendary music acts.

"The Royal Family also made an appearance via a video link from London, where Prince William and Prince Harry acknowledged the heroic efforts of the emergency services.

The ABC added: "'Like so many people, we saw the devastating news of the catastrophic bushfires in Victoria and floods in Queensland,' said Prince William.

All Australians, whatever their views on constitutional change, will not fail to be impressed by the display of feeling and concern demonstrated by our  Royal Family, who remain intimately involved in the life of our nation. As they long have been.



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