December 3

Quality journalism

 Glen Milne has recently published two pieces of gossip about the Governor-General, both based on unnamed sources. During the recent Walkley Awards for excellence in journalism, which to the observer seem to consist of journalists awarding prizes to other journalists, a “tired and emotional” Mr. Milne objected to Stephen Mayne, founder of the gossip column being chosen to announce some award. “You’re a disgrace,” he yelled as he rushed up onto the stage to push Mr. Mayne off the platform. Taken off by some sort of security person, Mr. Milne broke away and rushed towards Mr. Mayne to attack him again. Mr. Mayne in obvious fear, jumped off the stage. The crowd roared its approval. Mr. Mayne’s speciality has been in publishing any rumour without testing it, on the basis that he would subsequently publish any objections. This is of course in breach of all the ethical codes which apply to responsible journalism in the land. This is hardly the standard one might expect of someone chosen to participate in such awards. The scene is captured on video on Youtube,



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Integrity be damned

Integrity be damned
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