May 12

Record Online Audience 

There was a time during the referendum when the media tended to publish only negative Royal news. That was because they were campaigning overwhelmingly for the Yes case. As ACM ran the No case, it was a challenging time for us. 

But in recent times, especially when the government was forced to retreat seriously from holding a referendum on a republic, the media has become interested in publishing all sorts of Royal News.

We have recently noticed an increasing interest in posts on our principal means of communication, the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy Facebook Page.

We put up posts regularly on the ACM Facebook Page

In the last 28 days, our reach (the number of people who saw our posts in those 28 days at least once) rose to a truly remarkable 275,006. 

The number of engaged people, those readers who shared the post, commented on it, assessed it, etc., was also a record: 35,767.

We should bear in mind that despite suggestions that the young do not follow Facebook, around a third of our visitors are between 18 and 35. (Facebook does not publish the number of people under 18.)

Facebook makes this information available on a rolling basis.

This is undoubtedly a record among similar sites, monarchist or republican. 

It demonstrates that there is a widespread interest in the Crown. This augurs well for the future.


Royal Family

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