January 23

Republic fiasco in the media – just…


The media on the whole ignored the abject failure of the ‘mate for a head of state’ campaign on Sunday. Even The Australian, who had a reporter there, did not mention that in a city of 4 million, at most 50 people were there. And they were the republican movement’s big guns.

But in Jim Ball’s overnight programme on 2GB there was a reference to the fact that not many people were present. Then Alan Jones, both on 2GB and Channel 9, said few noticed the campaign. He mentioned that the Governor- General had said he had served as a soldier, and now as Governor-General where daily, he performed the functions of head of state.

Alan Jones recalled that John Howard had helped the divided republicans at the Constitutional Convention by agreeing to put the model Malcolm Turnbull’s republican movement wanted to the people. Leading republican commentators Paul Kelly, and Mark day, as well as Labor Leader Kim Beazley all praised Mr Howard for his statesman-like gesture.

The Australian editorialised on 23 January that nobody is interested, but said the republic was inevitable. 

Much better than the frenetic behaviour of his predecessor at the time of the referendum, when they even issued free republican bumper stickers!

But why do most media outlets promote republican campaigns, but not report their failure?

We are looking forward to the next columns of Mike Carlton, Peter FitzSimons, Gerard Henderson, Tony Stephens and Greg "Australia is a pigsty" Barns.


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