July 13

Republic sailed into sunset with Britannia – leading republican newspaper

Most Australians ”would struggle to explain their legal link to The Queen” wrote Fleur Bitcon in the Sunday Herald Sun ( 12 July).   But, she says ,  “plenty would pick the Prince William or Prince Harry  in any photo line-up.”  

“Sadly, the cult of celebrity is far more compelling than our constitution,” she explains.

As for Australia becoming a (politicians’) republic she says  “Despite a groundswell of support for an Australian republic, the push for change was defeated in the 1999 vote amid republican claims staunch monarchist John Howard had hijacked the question by making it too complicated.”

“Now, 10 years on, the issue appears to have sailed into the sunset with the Royal Yacht Britannia.”

…Prince William…

Noting that the London Daily Mail's report about Prince William's possible Melbourne trip included the statement that Australia's Prime Minister "Paul Rudd" didn't see the issue of a republic as a big one, her reaction is sharp and to the point.

“Wrong name, right comment.”

Ms. Bitcon says that even those “not so keen” on royalty  may have to admit a visit by Prince William would create a “bit of a buzz”.  She says that a Prince, “a handsome one at that, sure beats TomKat.”

If you don’t know who “TomKat” is, neither did I.  I now understand that it is the gossip media’s shorthand for the relationship between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  If you don’t know who they are, you are not following today’s American films.

…"a new lease on life?"…



Ms. Bitcon declares that Princes William and Harry ”have given the royals a new lease on life.”

“They're popular, like their mother Princess Di, for the same reason: they try to be ordinary sometimes, despite their extraordinary lives. We like unlikely larrikins – princes who get sprung drunk and go to the footy and rock concerts like other 20-somethings.”  

"So what would the Man-Who-Could-Be-King do if he came to Melbourne?

“Perhaps he'd show up at Spring Carnival. Maybe the AFL Grand Final is more his thing.”

“He may even bring his little brother, Harry, now he's reportedly dating Aussie singing sensation Natalie Imbruglia.”

Please don’t ask me who Natalie Imbruglia is.



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