March 22

Republican Arguments Misleading

Because the republican movement continued throughout the day to argue that Camilla would become Queen of Australia on Prince Charles accession, and that they would be out Head of State, this further Media Release was issued to ensure that the media understands that Mrs Parker Bowles could never be Queen of Australia,and that the Governor General is held out by our government and received by foreign governments as our Head of State, a title never conferred on the Sovereign.

The Media Release was issued later in the evening in the hope that the morning media, including the press, realize that the republican argument is not in accordance with the facts. I remain of the view that the use of the preferred title Princess Consort does not necessitate legislation. Lawyers are divided about this, and some think corresponding legislation will also be needed in the Realms. This is of course peripheral to the claim that Camilla will become Queen of Australia, which is untrue.

The text of the Media Release follows:


It is misleading of the republican movement to continue today to claim that Prince Charles’ wife will become Queen of Australia, said the ACM National Convener, Professor David Flint.

Under the Royal Style and Titles Act, 1954, as amended in 1973, the only Australian Royal Title is the one conferred on the reigning Sovereign. That title is Elizabeth the Second and Her Other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.

The wife or husband of the Sovereign has no constitutional position, power or authority in Australia. Nor does he or she have an Australian Royal Title. All of the parliaments of the Realms, including Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand, must agree on any changes to the succession. But the requirement for uniformity no longer applies to Royal Titles.

The practice of the Commonwealth since 1952 is that each Realm may use a form of the Royal Style and Title which suits its own circumstances, but retaining a substantial element which is common to all. The title Head of State has never been conferred on the reigning Sovereign. In fact, whenever the Governor-General travels overseas , He is held out and he is received as the Head of State.

The republican movement is entitled to argue its case for change, explaining why many more millions of taxpayers funds should be diverted from schools, hospitals and transport to be used on their convoluted and extremely costly plan to try once again to change our Constitution. This incidentally was the plan taken by Mark Latham to the last election.

But the republican movement is not entitled to misrepresent the facts.

Until next time
David Flint


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