April 10

Republican convert

In its leader of 1 April, 2006, a newspaper in Stafford, England , the  Express & Star recalled it was founded in the 1880s to campaign for the abolition of the monarchy.” We are glad to have failed,” the editor declared on a Royal Visit to the twown. The streets were “packed with well-wishers.”


He says that in theory, the monarchy is “an anachronism in a progressive democracy.”. Actually, he finds that  that The Queen is a “beacon of honesty and good manners”  in a political scene dominated by boorishness and sleaze.


In references which Australians will appreciate, he writes that “as MPs rub their hands over their pensions, there is one leader who has voluntarily given up a string of privileges and even agreed to pay more tax.” 



“She has little power but enormous influence, “ he observed. “ In an age when politicians act like presidents, it is good to be reminded that she, not the Prime Minister, is our head of state. Long may it remain so.”




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