February 23

Republican deference

According to the London Daily Telegraph, 22 February, 2006, Germaine Greer has curtseyed to The Queen

For a republican, says the Telegraph, it probably hurts to curtsey before a monarch.And not just a republican. As The Australian observes, she is a critic of British imperialism, an honorary Aborigine and proponent of an Aboriginal republic.

The Queen was hosting a reception for 200 Australians, included Rolf Harris, Clive James, and Gill Hicks, who lost her legs in the July 7 terrorist attack. The reception was a prelude to the Royal Visit next month to open the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

According to The Australian, the republicans among them proved "they love a lord and a lady"

We at ACM know this. I have long warned supporters never to stand between republicans and royalty. You will be knocked over in the rush.

Clive James, the former television presenter, said he told The Queen: "I said, ‘There’s lots of us here. We’re starting a colony.’ She liked that," James said.

According to the newspaper, Gill Hicks, who lost both her legs in the July 7 bombings, said it was important to make the most of her life in honour of those who died in the suicide bomb attacks, which killed 52 people on London’s transport network last summer. "If I’m lucky enough to be alive, I might as well make the most of that. You have to make it count," she added.

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Germaine Greer, The Queen

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