February 29

Republican fiction

The current Australian speaking tour by the celebrated author and journalist, Mark Steyn, reminded me of a crucial piece of evidence he gave about the allegations  over the years  by all sorts of people as to what The Queen and the Duke said about the Australian referendum.

All of this is of course complete rubbish as none of the journalists, “royal watchers” – including a "republican royal watcher" and even a former governor of an Australian state, Richard Butler, were there or had any contact whatsoever with anyone who was. It is all fiction blatantly presented as fact.

The point is we do have the testimony of someone who was actually dining with The Queen and the Duke on the night of the referendum.

The widely syndicated Canadian, Mark Steyn, said with complete authority in the leading Canadian journal, Macleans on 21 April, 2006:

As the only journalist on the planet within six feet of a royal facial expression that day, I can exclusively reveal that I haven't the foggiest as to the Queen's or the Duke of Edinburgh's feelings.

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