February 1

Republican media campaign against Prince Charles documentary


Some republicans are seriously worried about the screening across Australia of the BBC documentary on Prince Charles. Why else would a leading republican media network attack not only the programme, but its readers?

So beware. If you watch it you must be a “misogynistic geriatric.”

Broadcast on ABC1 at 6:05 pm on Monday 2 February 2009, the documentary  shows aspects of the Prince’s life and work in the main  unknown by the general public. In particular, few realise that at a time when most people are thinking of retirement, he raises over a quarter billion dollars each year for various charities, and particularly for the disadvantaged. 

This is unknown because it is little mentioned in the media. Yet the media will relay  stories  around the world about such matters as the nick name everybody uses in a club, a nick name about which the man addressed is perfectly content.

But as I say, some republicans must be extremely worried about the truth. What else would explain the following tirade in the television guide for the Fairfax network on 2 February?  (I understand this will appear in The Age.)

The quality of the review by Michael Lallo can be seen by the opening paragraph, and the insults he heaps on Fairfaxs readers in his conclusion. 

“Five minutes into this documentary, I began to feel queasy. After 10 minutes, I was projectile vomiting. By the end, I had to be forcibly sedated. It really is objectionable: nothing but sexist drivel, conservative moralising and monarchal propaganda.”

"Queasy?" "Projectile vomiting?"  "Forcibly sedated?" Mr. Gallo is writing for some of our great journals of record.

And you are warned not to enjoy the programme or even find it interesting. “This sycophantic tripe,” Mr. Lallo insists “will appeal to no one except misogynistic geriatrics.”  

They're worried.


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