April 13

Republican movement enrols foreign support in campaign against constitution

The biassed and completely wrong interpretation of the effect of the Royal Wedding on Australians so encouraged the ARM to think victory is close, they announced they had joined up with some foreign republicans in other countries to campaign against the monarchy. This organization is called "Common Cause".

 This move runs counter to the argument they had previously made that while the monarchy is alright for the UK, it is not for us. But we could still have the Queen in the distance, as it were. She would remain as Head of the Commonwealth-a sort of consolation for monarchists.

Their promise to keep her as Head of the Commonwealth is now as unpersuasive as their promise not to touch the Australian Flag.

Having failed to persuade Australians to change their constitution, they have decided to  end the monarchy throughout the Commonwealth!

Well. The ARM can now add these foreign republicans to that other foreign celebrity for an Australian republic, Gerry Adams. (The foreign companies who a few years ago foolishly supported an attack on our flag soon realized the seriousness of their error, and have withdrawn their involvement in our internal affirs)

Apparently the ARM now thinks it acceptable that republican groups from other countries should interfere in our affairs!

Australians will not be impressed.

Until next time,

David Flint


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