July 17

Republican plot on coinage

Unable to persuade the Australian people to adopt some form of politicians’ republic, the latest republican plan is to remove the effigy of The Queen from our coinage first before  other national symbols go, especially our Australian Flag.

From the time that coins were minted in Australia, the effigy of our sovereign has appeared on the head or obverse of our coinage.

This republican plan from Young Labor proposes that an effigy of the Slouch Hat appear on our coins to commemorate the centenary of Gallipoli. There is no reason why this could not be done.

But the republicans deviously propose a totally unnecessary condition to this. This is to remove The Queen from our coins before we adopt some politicians' republic. This of course is not in the slightest necessary if we wish to honour and commemorate Gallipoli on our coins.


…republican politicians on coins..

Were Australia to adopt some form of politicians' republic, obviously we would as a consequence remove the Crown from the coins. But we have not. This was overwhelmingly rejected in the landslide no vote in 1999 when not one state voted in favour of the republicans' preferred model.
It is likely that this proposal so apparently loyal in linking the Slouch Hat and Gallipolli, released as we approach the election,  is at least in part designed to draw attention away from the fact that expenditure on defence as a percentage of GDP has fallen to the level that it was in the  years just before the Second World War. No doubt the proponents also wish to distract attention from the loss of control over our borders.
No doubt this proposal is intended as a preparation for the converting Australia into some form of politicians' republic. This will no doubt be followed  by the minting of republican coins with the effigy of  some  politician on our coins, thus signalling that the principle of leadership beyond politics has finally been overthrown.
Readers may be assured that Australians for Constitutional Monarchy will remain in the vanguard of the defence of our constitutional system, our flag and thus, the retention of the effigy of the sovereign on our coinage. 


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