June 21

Republicans launch another attack on Victorian Governor

The latest republican attack on the Victorian Governor, Professor David de Kretser, demonstrates just how irrelevant this dwindling  movement has become. Unable to explain what constitutional change it is campaigning for, it is now resorting to a personal attack on a distinguished Australian.

The republican argument, reported in The Herald Sun (17/6), that the Governor should himself cook and serve the meals for visiting Heads of State, Ambassadors and the like is too foolish to take seriously.

It is as silly as the proposal by the  media celebrity republican, Eddie McGuire,  to expel the Governor from Melbourne’s beautiful Government House.

Mr. McGuire was presumably  following the disastrous lead set by former NSW Premier Bob Carr, now a Macquarie Bank consultant. After leaving office he said that the reason for throwing out the Governor out of Sydney's Government House was the reserve powers.

Now aren’t the reserve powers a check and balance on the politicians?

“I'm sorry Governor de Kretser: the removal van is heading your way!”  Mr. McGuire ordered. “Let’s put Mr Rudd in. .. Government House." ( Sunday Herald Sun , 27 April, 2008.)

So would the repuoicans  expect Mr. Rudd to cook for his guests, mow the lawns and make the beds?  .

The point is the republicans are intent on politicising every constitutional and political institution in this country. That is why they are ganging up on Professor de Kretser.

They cannot accept the obvious fact that, if  asked again, Australians would still say a resounding No to a politicians’ republic.




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